October 31, 2011

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini Line For Kids!

Harajuku Mini for Target, which Stefani has said was inspired by the colorful children's clothing found in Japan, has a mix of ballerina tutus, graphic tees, biker jackets and zip-up hoodies, will be available in stores Nov. 13th. The items range from $3.99-$29.99.

What do you think of Stefani's Harajuku Mini collection?

Trick or Treat?

Who will you dress as for Halloween? I once dressed as a witch and loved it. Other costumes included Peter Pan (my favorite) and Ann Raggety.  If you have kids, then this article does a good job of why explaining Halloween to the little ones is a boost to their imagination. So, why do we dress in costumes, after all?  So that ghosts don't recognize the living.  Boo!

Today I'm going to Target to buy some candy for the trick-or-treaters. These kids never miss our door. Still trying to come up with simple ideas to display Halloween, then stop here for some.  Are you having fun carving up those pumpkins, checkout these templates, they are amazing.  I hope you have a wonderful Halloween. Be safe and share the candy!

October 28, 2011

Enjoy the Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We have so many things to do. We have to buy a booster chair for Emilu (she's starting solids in a few days), I also want to gather some market goodies from our local farmer's market for a succulent Sunday dinner (anything with Mascarpone, since I still have a ton left from the tiramisu rcipe) I hear some parts of the Northeast will get some snow. Ouch! Whatever you decide to do, do it well and enjoy every moment.  I hope you like the links I have collected this past week from around the web. Have a wonderful weekend!

 Living in SF means...

October is Pink, for Breast cancer awareness.

Beautiful Etsy shop jewerly.

If I was an artist I would have one like this.

I want to visit this gorgeous cottage.

Entryways that glam up any house.

The most helpful and vain birth day advice, ever. Trust me, it's so true!

A great desk/chair set for small children.

An inspired and beautiful Fall palette. But chocolate might do the trick.

The coolest jumbo knits.

One vest, two ways. (Outfits that make mommy-chic sense!)

I think this tomboy look is sexy and perfect for the Fall.

Famous and infamous letterheads.

Last-minute Halloween costumes.

Spider Shades

October 27, 2011

The Birth of Baby X

Image via Los Angeles Times online.

She did it. Brooklyn performance artist Mani Kotak gave birth to Baby X during a gallery exhibition at the Microscope Gallery.  I wrote about this here. As you can imagine the buzz this has generated. Since I wasn't there to witness the birth and see it within the context of art and human experience, I will refrain from a swift judgement.  However, I will opine that the whole thing was unnecessary.  This could have been achieved with still photographs or artifacts, and still demonstrate and capture the mystery of birth. 

Bathroom Inspiration

Have you ever become obsessed with something after watching a movie?  This happens rather frequently in my life, and it happened the other day after watching Amelie for the 25th time. To summarize things, let's just say that I, for a split second, wanted to move into one of these bathrooms:

I love everything in this bathroom.  The pedestal sink (oh la la) and how about that yellow and white checkerboard floor (to die for)


When our family is ready to buy our first home, I will be so revisiting these bathroom images for inspiration. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to dream and plot.

October 26, 2011

The First Tantrum

Don't be fooled by the puppy lovey cutie face in this picture.  She had just had her first tantrum.  And it caught me by surprise.  You see, we were taking a stroll and she suddenly decides she no longer wants to be in the stroller and starts crying.  To calm her down, I succumb to the give--them-whatever you have in your hands technique, which works like magic every time.  I give her my cellphone and she puts it in her mouth, so I take it away from her and she snaps and bends her body backwards in a strong jerky movement, which makes her slide off the the seat all while wailing. Scary and funny at the same time. What's a mother to do? We are 4 blocks from home, so I give her my next best item, my sunglasses. 

This could turn into a small preview of what's to come or it could just be an isolated event.  What's your experience with tantrums and infants?  I know it's a challenge since you cannot rationalize with an infant, or can you?

A Unique DIY Skirt

Isn't this amazing? Now you can turn your man's shirts into skirts. Great idea don't you think? Just make sure you don't use his favorite ones. 

October 25, 2011

Desk transformation

I'm excited about sharing this upcoming reno project with you. It will be my first project under the blogosphere lens. It involves rehashing my desk, since I can't afford the one I want, renovating it is the next best option. Over the next couple of days, I will be researching the best prices online for this transformation. Although the paper in the mood board is from Paper Source, I hope I can find cheaper sources elsewhere. The knobs are from MyKnobs.com and the desk is from Target. I hope to show you a reveal relatively soon. So stay tuned.
DIY Refacing old desk

1 Lotka Small Dots
2 Gold on Sea Green Mums
3 Ikat Peacock Gold Accent
4 Lotka Bean Yellow

A fashionable wishlist

So I have been playing with Polyvore lately and although I'm obsessed with Pinterest, I do recognize that it has its shortcomings. However, the problem with Polyvore is the fact that is not readily welcomed in every internet site, such as Etsy, and I still haven't found a design neutral template for collages. I'm feeling so smitten with these items right now, a perfect wishpod for mom and daughter.
girly wish list
Dreaming in French girly wishlist.

October 24, 2011

The French Cafe

Step aside Fisher Price, here comes the best next thing in play spaces. I'm so crazy about these French Cafe play space. I secretly wish sometimes I was a small kid, remember when the possibilities were endless, there was fun everywhere.  Take this amazing board dream street cafe from Little Play Spaces.  Now you can play the waitress, the chef or a really wealthy patron, and serve French lemonade, warm croissants and croque monsieur.  Isn't this lovely?  Oh how I wish Emilu was older so I can see her play with friends, while speaking French and serving macaroons.  She'd make her mama proud. One day...

October 23, 2011

Domestic Goddess Who?

Where has time gone? I can't believe that my baby girl will soon be 6 months old. As a stay-at-home mom, time is sometimes the enemy and creeps on you without mercy. So many things to do around the house and yet, so little time. The Sahara desert has taken residence in my bookshelf. My precious books haven't been touched in months. The Baby First Album remains empty, so does my wedding one for that matter (shameful, I know). Alas, the domestic goddess in me is suffering from domestic mortality.  Even the plants are fighting an untimely death (the weather doesn't help). I tell myself that when she is old enough for daycare, I will reclaim the projects and ideas that are simmering inside my head eager to see the light of day. Until then, I just need to come up for air periodically and wait for the tide to turn.

But what mother would be so foolish as to wish for their children to grow up quickly? That's just insane right? Well, sometimes in the deep,dark sleep-deprived mindless nights, I secretly wish she was 10 years old and someone I can have a partially intellectual conversation with about, well, time.  I know, this too will have its time in the future, so for now I just have to sit tight, keep coming up for air and continue to guard the domestic goddess's torch in hopes that she'll be willing to shed some light into the struggles of managing time and creativity around a 6 month old baby, who happens to me my life.

October 21, 2011

Have a Perfect Fall Weekend

Source: bhg.com via Patricia on Pinterest

Hi everybody! I'm so excited for this weekend. Firstly, it's my birthday, and although there's not anything special planned, unless my husband has something up his sleeve, I'd love to go have an early dinner at Hank's Oyster Bar in our neighborhood. Their food is amazing. Secondly, the weather promises to be nice too, around high 50s and sunny.  Fall is definitely here.  What are your plans for the weekend?

This week was a bit rough for me. My husband was out for two days on a business trip and I was at home with Emilu and our dog.  The first night she was up from 2 to 5 a.m. I was in zombieland. And last night she awoke 3 times to feed.  It doesn't get any easier.  But I somehow managed to blog and found some really lovely links.  I hope you like them too.

Photographer Philippe Halsman made celebrities jump.

Outdoor Halloween decorating with pumpkins, of course.

Emilu will be a Lady Bug for Halloween.

Cute party dresses from Target, irresistible!

This was my birthday gift from me, aren't they awesome?

This Annie Hall artwork would look good in any room.

I can't wait to try this dessert recipe, and it's easy, no baking time!

For presumptuous people, you know who you are.

When the logo says it all.

Very simple and lovely necklaces.

Did you know what is the most consumed soup in the US?  Get the recipe.
A love note from Johnny Cash to his June.

October 20, 2011

Get Pumpkin'

 Are you looking for unique and modern pumpkin ideas?  But if you are more into crafts and DIY then these painted pumpkins are what you crave.  You can also check Martha Stewart's website, they always have great tutorials and ideas for holiday celebrations.

I bought some squash and pumpkins at Whole Foods and just placed them on the dining table. Bare. No frills, and they actually look good.  See for yourself.

Autumn around the house

Fall on my coffee table
The spirit of Autumn has finally arrived at my house.  A few displayed pumpkins and the look is almost complete.  There's a crispness in the air today, and the leaves are falling furiously now.  The time for family and friendship and holiday entertainment is here.  Enjoy it. 

The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

It's that time of the year when the cold season brings with it its sweet favorites, and we relish in their deliciousness.  Hot chocolate is the consummate drink of the season (at least in my house.) Some call it hot cocoa, but it's actually more than cocoa.  It's a pinch of cinnamon, creme, a hint of salt and the most cherished ingredient of all: chocolate. Get my recipe below.

This recipe is going to make you want to sing in French.  Ok, well, maybe not in French, but its unique flavor will transport you to Paris, and beyond.

In the age of fusion cuisine,  hot chocolate has also gotten a facelift, but I prefer the simple, true and tested preparation, with my own twist.

 (for bigger portions, add ingredients as needed in proportion)


-1 cup of milk (preferably whole milk)
- 1 tbsp of sugar
- 1/4 teaspoon of Valhrona cocoa.
- 1 tbsp of semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate chips (about 1-2 oz)
- a pinch of cinnamon 
- a pinch of salt
- a pinch of black pepper


In a double boiler, melt the chocolate chips until smooth, stirring occasionally.  Add the milk and whisk until well mixed. Then add the cocoa and keep whisking.  Proceed to add the sugar while whisking occasionally.  You want to make sure your water is at the boiling point beneath the chocolate mixture.  Finally add the rest of the ingredients (cinnamon, salt and pepper).  Mix well. (There is no need to strain it, a bit of melted chocolate goop is always sumptuous) If you want an even creamier texture, add more chocolate chips.

Enjoy your chocolat chaud!

October 19, 2011

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs being one of my favorite designers, has a children's shop in the Village, which we visited last weekend. The store is called Little Marc Jacobs. Although I couldn't  afford any of the cute dressers sold there for Emilu, it was still fun to see the fabulous designs for children.  The store itself is small, but really cute and not that fancy. It has an air of playfulness and hominess to it.  I want to live here!

The window display: I loved the pool of duckies, and anything with balloons looks amazing!
I drooled over the cute clear raincoat and how about that giraffe, perfect for a nursery.

My NYC partners in crime

I went crazy with this wall to wall shelf (so many goodies)

The crafts table.  Salvador Dali for kids!

October 18, 2011

Boys and Girls Names

Did you know Can is a name? I didn't. But I do know a Turkish Yasemin! How cool and informative these maps are.  The most popular names of children in Europe.  Although I had some different assumptions about the name Emma, which my daughter has.  I always thought Emma was more popular in the UK than in France. ( ohh well, Tres Chic!)

(Images via alphadesigner)

October 17, 2011

Birth as Perfomance Art?

I didn't know how to react about news that a woman artist in Brooklyn is planning to give birth to her first child in a gallery in front of a live audience in order to show that "human life is the greatest work of art."

Yes, that assertion is true, human life IS the greatest work of art, especially the formation of that life, but I do believe that the event of giving birth is sacred, intimate and enveloped in mystery and to showcase this in a public act for the purpose of art has left me dumbfounded.

The act itself is set to be an installation culminating in the actual birth of Baby X.  The installation is running from October 8 through November 7.

Some women might disagree with me.  Do you think I'm pruddish, and old-school?  Am I too self-aware or lack any artistic sensitivities?  Should we applaud her for her courage and artistic exceptionalism?  Or should we seek to censor her or dismiss her as a narcissist?  I must admit, I'm at a loss here.  What do you think?  I'd would love to hear your thoughts.

Milestones and Resources

Our baby daughter is 5 and 1/2 months old. Where has time gone?  She now sits unassisted and is starting to learn the pincer grasp (I know!).

One thing we still struggle with is sleep.  Every time she turns a month older, her sleep patterns get all out of sync.  It happened at 3 months and at 4 months.  It seems to be a combination of factors, none of which seems to be hunger or growth spurts.  From teething to overstimulation due to developmental growth, she knows and experiences them all.  I found a great online resource about the secrets of babies behavior ( highly recommended) and this has somewhat helped mitigate my own fears and how I deal with these struggles. 

One thing I really enjoy is the fact that she now likes activities more and more.  Also her attention spam seems to be getting larger.  Now that she can sit for longer stretches without being propped or assisted, she has become a little more independent.  And this frees me from having to be next to her all the time.

As far as teeth go, we still haven't seen the elusive pearly whites yet.  I can't wait to see those suckers and finally start solids.  We have postponed solids until she's 6 months old, due to the initial allergic reaction she had to rice cereal a month ago. 

The Iconic Alphabet

Who doesn't have fun-packed memories about learning the alphabet? I know I do. From the first encounters of this iconic learning milestone through song and then by watching the dancing letter shapes on Sesame Street, the alphabet is the most fun-filled learning block in our language development. And here are some awesome ways incorporate the alphabet into your infant or toddler's whimsical world.
The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo

Ross's Vintage Modern School-Themed Marvel

You can create an art display wall in your child's nursery or playroom.  I love the alphabet inspiration of these creations.

Rachel Bone's Artsy Take on the Alphabet


(Images via Mimosa

October 13, 2011

Happy Weekend

Inspired by my NYC trip last weekend, I would like to share with you the art that has made me a little happier inside this week.  I hope you spend a nice weekend wherever you are and keep planning ahead and carrying on.  It's our duty to enjoy life or make it enjoyable for others, and if art is that ingredient for you, then go ahead and share it, pay it forward, because art is not art until someone else takes it in.

Architecture that's serene and functional at the same time.

I wouldn't mind living in this house made with 15 shipping containers.

The world of Baccarat

A forest of light

Architecture you can't hide.

I would love to display all these rocking chairs on a wall in my house.

My Little Pony with a twist

Piggy multi-power outlet.

Spiral pencil art brought to you by Faber Castell.

I never thought tears could be so sweet.

Steve Jobs Street Art Spotted.

If this is not food art, then I don't know what is.

Pinning the landscape.

Graffiti or art?