Piki, the dog

Piki is our 14-year old Jack Russell Terrier.  He is a rescued canine who was found wandering the streets of Miami years back.  He has lived a full life eating basically whatever cruises in front of him.  His mischievous personality sets him apart. He has more AA sky miles than any dog I know and is a co-sleeper. Once an extroverted canine who enjoyed being petted and meeting new tails, he has outsourced those qualities to the younger generation and prefers to cautiously hang out in the fringes of doggie parks where his failing nose and blurry sight can be better appreciated.

He is our surviving companion, having lost Goldie, our deceased terrier, a couple of years ago.  Named the avatar of dogs, because of his unique ability to put this family at ease and because his existence has sparked an amazing crusade of compassion and devotion for the rest of the animal world, we are lucky and blessed to have him as our dog companion.  He is one of a kind and the best of the best.