December 12, 2012

Inspiration: Small Christmas trees

Ahh the Christmas tree!  Who doesn't love a beautifully decorated tree.  I love putting up the Christmas tree, and for the sake of joy and inspiration we are putting them earlier every year.  But for many, small is not always the right choice, however, when it comes to the holidays, small Christmas trees can be as good as the old traditional ones. Although we are spending our holidays away from home, I made a small Christmas tree that we got to enjoyed for a few days and the inspiration came from the West Elm catalog.  This is our small tree at home:

My mother is crazy about Christmas trees as well, these are a few from her home in Miami:
How about you? Do you have one or several small ones throughout the house? It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn't?


  1. I love those trees:) We have just one...a big one as our flat is very loft-like. We usually get a fresh tree as I love the smell of it and it totally reminds me of my childhood. Have a cozy day, sweetie.

  2. I really like the tree you made. Charming. We have two or sometimes three trees at our house. The main one in the living room, a skinny artificial one in the dining room for the food themed ornaments, and sometimes another one upstairs. This year, our son took the upstairs artificial for his apartment, so guess this year two is it.

    1. i love skinny trees, i might get one some day! of course, real ones are the best because of the smell.

  3. I love all the different trees.. so pretty.