March 29, 2012

The Goodbye Girl apartment

This kitchen is so stunningly organized and spacious (a dining table in the middle)
I love movies. During my college years, I used to be a movie theater manager and got to watch all the movies I wanted for free. Sometimes, when the movie was a big blockbuster, we used to play it, the night before it opened, for our employees, mostly kids in college too. That's when my love for movies began. Dinner and a movie was something I did with all my boyfriends back in the days, and with my now husband as well. And part of the love I feel for movies, is the production set decoration and film photography, which becomes a very important piece of the whole film. The other day, I was flipping channels and came across The Goodbye Girl, a 70s movie based in NYC starring a single mother (Marsha Mason) and her 7 year old, who live in Manhattan and become close friends with a theater actor (Richard Dreyfuss). This movie is so witty and romantic.  But it's her apartment I really love. She redecorates it half way through the movie, in a style that's making the rounds in many current design magazines. I apologize for the picture qualities, they were taken with my phone. The real location of the apartment in New York City.
I love the soft beige colors in this corner of the apt.
Before renovation
After renovation
The fireplace mirror is gorgeous, and the hanging plant by the window was so late 70s.
This hanging tapestry is beautiful, and gives the bedroom its distinctive flair
I was trying to capture her low standing vanity, it's so old Hollywood, isn't gorgeous?
The tapestries on the wall bring texture and dimension to the living room
I was going for the mirror in this shot


  1. Haven't seen this movie in years! I remember though that getting the paint color just right was so important to the Marsha Mason character. I never really noticed all the other great aspects of the apartment.

    I can get to your blog from the link you sent me, but for some reason it is not working on my blogger dashboard. Maybe I'll delete the dashboard link and reload from scratch.

  2. I just watched this on TCM yesterday. I, too, worked in movie theatres, in New York City, and saw this one many times, although I don't necessarily like it in the same way you do. I liked looking at the detail of the set (filmed at M-G-M studios, so say the credits) because they capture the grime of it. When the movie was new I thought it looked charming and cozy, but watching it yesterday, all I could think about was the fact that they sat on their bed in the same clothes the rode the subway in, or cabs, and wore their shoes in the house. I was cringing. What was once cozy to me became infested with bedbugs, bacteria and diseases.

  3. I found your blog after searching online to try and find the interior of the girl's bedroom. I remember loving it! I enjoyed reading this post! - Betsy