October 17, 2011

Birth as Perfomance Art?

I didn't know how to react about news that a woman artist in Brooklyn is planning to give birth to her first child in a gallery in front of a live audience in order to show that "human life is the greatest work of art."

Yes, that assertion is true, human life IS the greatest work of art, especially the formation of that life, but I do believe that the event of giving birth is sacred, intimate and enveloped in mystery and to showcase this in a public act for the purpose of art has left me dumbfounded.

The act itself is set to be an installation culminating in the actual birth of Baby X.  The installation is running from October 8 through November 7.

Some women might disagree with me.  Do you think I'm pruddish, and old-school?  Am I too self-aware or lack any artistic sensitivities?  Should we applaud her for her courage and artistic exceptionalism?  Or should we seek to censor her or dismiss her as a narcissist?  I must admit, I'm at a loss here.  What do you think?  I'd would love to hear your thoughts.

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