October 19, 2011

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs being one of my favorite designers, has a children's shop in the Village, which we visited last weekend. The store is called Little Marc Jacobs. Although I couldn't  afford any of the cute dressers sold there for Emilu, it was still fun to see the fabulous designs for children.  The store itself is small, but really cute and not that fancy. It has an air of playfulness and hominess to it.  I want to live here!

The window display: I loved the pool of duckies, and anything with balloons looks amazing!
I drooled over the cute clear raincoat and how about that giraffe, perfect for a nursery.

My NYC partners in crime

I went crazy with this wall to wall shelf (so many goodies)

The crafts table.  Salvador Dali for kids!

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