September 28, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

This week went by slowly for me. Maybe because I'm anxious to get on a plane to Miami next week.  So there's cleaning, laundry, some minor shopping and luggage making.  Finally!  I will be in the Sunshine state for 10 sunny days.  Emilu and Piki are coming with me, of course, and I will keep you posted on our everyday stuff.  I hope you have a lovely weekend and click on some cute inspiration down below.

what i learned at maid school 

can you believe this link caused all this hullabaloo! 

what a great country home! 

a simple and beautiful DIY (can't wait to try it!)

sometimes opposites do attract, but would you eat it?

the best instagram tags outhere!

this camera print is for free!

the Harvest moon of 2012 is soon coming!

Are you looking to start a new tradition for Halloween!

September 27, 2012

Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in a new "light"

Wow, these images are unbelievable!  Well, as you know well, La Sagrada Familia, is Gaudi's most famous unfinished work.  After Gaudi's death it continues to be worked on by different architects.  And since it was first begun 130 years ago now, it has been built from donations. Gaudí himself said: "The expiatory church of La Sagrada Família is made by the people and is mirrored in them. It is a work that is in the hands of God and the will of the people." The building is still going on and could be finished some time in the first third of the 21st century
So it was absolutely breathtaking to see that Montreal-based studio Moment Factory is helping its cause by celebrating the basilica's intricate design and presenting a figurative interpretation of Gaudi's intent when he created the unique facades of the famous basilica.  The project was realized in front of a crowd of 32, 000 people.  The first multimedia projection on Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia: A large-scale piece, entitled 'ode à la vie', tells the story of rebirth and hope, cast on the basilica’s distinctively intricate nativity façade, presenting a figurative interpretation of the creation of the universe. the work was informed by original color sketches by the renowned architect, for whom color was the 'essence of life'.

Source and Credits via

September 26, 2012

Toddling in Dupont Circle

The temperatures are so pleasant around here, we decided to go to the circle and lay down on a  blanket to enjoy the sunny skies, the scenery and the people.  There was even jazz music faintly playing. I took some books, packed lunch and we spread out and had a blissful time.  I took my camera, of course, and shot around all things lovely.

How is the temperature in your "neck of the woods"?

September 24, 2012

Adventure: Camino de Santiago (Part 1)

I first learned of the Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago) a system of historic pilgrimage routes to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, almost 20 years ago from one of Paulo Coehlo's books. Tradition says that Saint James, one of Jesus' disciples, is buried there.  It's been one of the most important pilgrimage routes since early medieval times.  Some of the earliest records indicate that the route has been traveled since around the 8th century. 
There are different routes to reach the Cathedral in Santiago. The French Way  starts off from the French Pyrenees through the interior of northern Spain .  It’s the most famous and followed route of El Camino de Santiago. Then there's The Northern Way which starts off at the Basque Country follows the northern coast of Spain  (along the Atlantic ocean) and the mountains of Asturias until Santiago. It has breathtaking landscapes and it’s less crowded. Another route is The Silver Way  starting from Seville in Andalusia, and following an ancient Roman route which merges with El Camino Frances in its final part. If you enjoy a good hike then The Primitive Way or Original Way (Camino de Santiago Primitivo) crossing the high mountains of Asturias, is the ideal route. And The Portuguese Way (Camino de Santiago Portugues) from the Portuguese city of Porto.

The pilgrimage to Santiago has been one of my dreams.  In my bucket list, if you would.  Some of my friends have  made the long month pilgrimage, and is something that changes your life's perspective. When my kids are old enough, and I have reached that age where solitude and reflection become permanent guests in your house, I will walk to St. James Cathedral.
For some, it's a reflective walk, consecrated entirely to the spirit and surrounding nature.  For others, is a way to explore afoot the geography and culture of the region.  Both ways are acceptable as long as you take it to heart and know how to transcend your experience.  The road is filled with physical and mental challenges. The views are both magnificent and humble. You might walk past medieval dirt roads and creeks or Roman bridges and centuries old ruins, along side old monasteries, family-run farms, millennial forests, as well as through major town roads, crowded beaches, miles long prairies and rolling hills.   There are rest stops along the way. Old monasteries or abbeys that now cater to the pilgrim, as well as cafes to calm your hunger and thirst.  I love the names of some of these places, such as La Taberna de Gaia a medieval style tavern in Leon, right at the foot of a magical place with breathtaking views. These are places were spirits whisper in your ears, where ghosts might roam free, and where your warrior goes to battle with its ego. At the end, a new man is reborn.  A transformational journey that is worth considering.

I'm speechless amidst all this beauty! I admit that sometimes my adventures are more ethereal than terrestrial, but this is one adventure I would take in a snap. Just thinking that millions of people all the way from medieval times have walked these routes is mind blowing. What sort of things did they experience? What were their loads? These roads tell thousands of stories, nation states were being born, war and peace were clenched in battle with each other, and people's destinies were being forged as they walked these paths. I would love to be part of that. How about you? Would you take this adventure?

All photos by Jose Ant. Gil Martinez used with permission.

September 21, 2012

Have a delightful weekend!

The first weekend in Autumn is officially upon us.  Tomorrow is the Autumnal equinox, and the sun's rays will align to close perfection with the Earth's axis.  A moment when the Earth's Southern and Northern hemispheres are receiving the sun's rays equally, and the Earth's tilt isn't inclined too far or too close to the Sun. It's a moment of balance that happens twice a year!   No wonder past cultures relished this, and even worshiped around the equinoxes.  A small wonder in our complicated relationship with the Sun.  Can you tell I'm a sap for these things?  It's the inner esoteric in me that finds this awe inspiring.  Anyway, I will be enjoying this special day whatever I'm doing.  I hope you guys do too. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration this weekend.  Here are few links I have enjoyed.  Hope you too. 

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September 20, 2012

These boots!

Fall is in the air.  Last night we didn't turn on the AC for the first time since Summer began.  In fact, we slept with a window cracked open, just a slit, and it got so chilly, I had to close it in the middle of the night.  Today the apt. is a comfortably 75 degrees and the AC unit is still off.  You know what that means!  It's time for boots, you all!  Actually, booties, to be more precise.  Diana is right!  Fall is too playful to be so covered up, so the perfect pair of shoes for me are booties (or ankle boots).  I'm loving this:

Ankle boots for the Fall

September 19, 2012

Chinatown,{the other} Little Italy and the West Village

One of the things I enjoyed the most was staying at the Hilton Millennium in downtown. It's right in front of the once WTC and now Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial. I enjoyed being within walking distance of Broadway's shopping, Chinatown, Little Italy and Battery Park. I definitely recommend staying around this area. It's much livelier, but you see NYC in full action.