October 26, 2011

The First Tantrum

Don't be fooled by the puppy lovey cutie face in this picture.  She had just had her first tantrum.  And it caught me by surprise.  You see, we were taking a stroll and she suddenly decides she no longer wants to be in the stroller and starts crying.  To calm her down, I succumb to the give--them-whatever you have in your hands technique, which works like magic every time.  I give her my cellphone and she puts it in her mouth, so I take it away from her and she snaps and bends her body backwards in a strong jerky movement, which makes her slide off the the seat all while wailing. Scary and funny at the same time. What's a mother to do? We are 4 blocks from home, so I give her my next best item, my sunglasses. 

This could turn into a small preview of what's to come or it could just be an isolated event.  What's your experience with tantrums and infants?  I know it's a challenge since you cannot rationalize with an infant, or can you?

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