June 28, 2012

Summer: Jacagua Hills

Remember the quiet Sunday we spent on my uncle's hillside home?  Well, I took pictures of almost everything. The hummingbird shots were taken this same day while the bird was humming alongside the pool. The post on the preparation of tuna tartare showcased pictures I took this same day. And finally, the pool photos, where Emilu decides she wants to come out of the pool by herself were also taken that day. Here are the rest of the pictures. It was a splendid day. Sunny and bright, even as the city below was covered in a torturous haze.


  1. What a fantastic beauuuuuuutiful place! The view, the trees, the flowers, the cool furniture and decorations - it must be heaven to spend time there!

    Love Maria

    1. It's a beautiful overlooking the entire city, it's where i got married!