June 29, 2012

Have a happy weekend

The weekend started great for me.  A friend from NY is arriving today and we'll spend the weekend catching up since we haven't seen each other for so long.  We used to be neighbors back in Miami, and there was a time when we were both single and casually ended up staking Friday nights as our own especial night to watch foreign films, and prepare yummy salads, which we accompanied with wine.  I have to say, I miss those nights.  We must have watched together under 100 foreign films, fulfilling an empty desire to travel the world, know other cultures and fall in love in different languages.  How about you?  Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy this Summer weekend, and stay well hydrated.  I have enjoyed this week's links so much, especially the articles, and I hope you like them too. So have a happy weekend.  See you back Monday!

DIY:  Neon painted boxed-out totes

DIY mini felt boxes

the farming Summer (i love every post from Kate)

world's 10 most famous streets + world's strangest and unique streets

can't wait to try this sweet, gooey recipe

this article made me angry  (this is unacceptable)

crazy about no heat curls

why women can't have it all (unless you are superhuman or self-employed)

this story is haunting in a upBeat-les way!

1 comment:

  1. How great to have a weekend with your friend, I'm having a girls weekend with a very old friend next week.

    Film nights with yummy salads and wine sounds great, but foreign films does not really have the same meaning in USA and here in Sweden. We are so used to watch movies that are not in Swedish, but of course not many people in the world speak Swedish :-) Mostly we watch films in English or nordic languages, but french and german and spanish films are not very exotic to us either.

    I love your weekend links more and more :-) The longes acres blog looks wonderful, what a great lifestyle. I'm becoming a follower!

    I hope you are having a truly lovely weekend with your friend!

    Love Maria