June 20, 2012

Ala de colibri

I have so much to learn about shooting photographs. I got this hummingbird in the frame, but was unable to shoot at a slower speed, because let's face it,  I'm still very intimated by the manual position. But I will keep at it. In the meantime, isn't this one a cutie? The hummingbird in the Spanish speaking world is referred to as colibri or zumbador.  There's a song titled Ala de Colibri by my all-time favorite Cuban songwriter, and buddy Silvio.  Psst, who am I kidding?  (The day I can introduce Silvio as a buddy to my friends will be the day I fly like a hummingbird). Ala de Colibri is a song that calls for the acceptance of all human beings as equals. 


  1. Hummingbirds are extremely hard to photograph. I think you did a fine job. Love the vibrant colors of the flowers too.