June 27, 2012

In the kitchen (with Instagram)

Today I don't have any recipes to post, but oh boy, aren't these photographs so enticing and brilliant?  The amazing food stylist and world traveler behind them is Marte Marie Forsberg, who runs a blog called  Le voyage creatif.  I recently started following her Instagram feed, and have never been so inspired on the subject of food and travel.  She's currently working on a assignment titled, 60 days of lunch, where she Instagrams snippets of her lunch, and so far she's gone from Milano to a town in Sweden and back to Olso, her howmetown. Her pictures tell a story about her day, her travels and her love of food.  She's like a personal travel guide with an amazing eye for food.   If you don't start following her Instagram, you will be missing on some of the most impressive and artful photographs.

All photos by Marte Marie