December 19, 2012

Merry 24 Days

Have you heard of Merry 24 Days, a real chance at winning 24 giveaways posted by 24 awesome bloggers until Dec. 25th?  Well I just won Day 14 and I couldn't be happier!  You should know that these prizes are so unbelievably exciting and versatile.  You could win too! I won my prize through This Little street, a blog about style and inspiration that I just started following.  The prize was a beautiful fox coat for children, which I can't wait to see my daughter wear.  Spread the cheer, my friends, and don't forget to click on everyday for a change to win.


  1. Aww! Congrats! Hope you're having a great new year! xoxo

  2. Yay, I'm not getting a malware notice when I click on your blog anymore! I hope you'll post a photo of your little sweetie in that fox coat.

  3. Hi Patricia! Just wanted to stop by and see your cute blog and thank you for visiting mine =) I answered your question in the comment section on my blog. Have a good Sunday!