March 15, 2011

News from the Womb

At 33 weeks, the baby has grown tremendously.  She now weights between 4 and 4.5 pounds and is approximately 19 inches long.  She is also running out of space to maneuver, spending most of her time in the heads down position, since the lower part of the uterus is roomier than the top portion. This position not only prepares her for birth but allows blood to flow to her developing brain now that it needs all the blood flow it can get.  Her skin is turning opaque, looking very much like a human and the only organs that need further nourishing are the lungs and the brain.  But the brain doesn't stop growing once she is born.  Brains continue to grow and expand inside the skull well into early adulthood.  No wonder our parents and physicians make us take fish oil or omega-3  capsules during our childhood.  I hated taking mine, but it's all for a good, brainy reason.  Starting this week, she is getting ready to receive all the antibodies from me, the rest she will get through breast milk. I call it maternal inoculation. 

Weeks 32-33: Still can’t find an escape route. It’s getting really tight in here and I’m spending most of my day just thinking about stuff and trying to work out what’s happening on the other side of the walls. There have been lots of people trying to touch me – the invasion of privacy is outrageous. Prodding me night and day – the nerve. For some reason I keep wanting to lie upside down. Some strange force within is telling me to do so. I can’t work out whether it’s my brain, the hostess or the vending machine trying to issue the instructions. I get the feeling something is about to happen. I’ve been going over my evacuation notes from sperm school just incase. My brain keeps on getting bigger and better. I’m able to control it better and I think I’m learning how to do things. For example if I want the hostess to sit still I just apply pressure in certain places and hey, presto she stops moving. Here commeth 4 pounds.
 Via Diary from the Womb.

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