May 4, 2012

Home companion: Bookshelves

I love everything about this room, and the larger than life bookcase is the focal point. However, that farm table with the mismatched chairs is absolute heaven, and compliments the room exquisitely. I can see myself here throwing dinner parties, discussing the newest contemporary fiction or a  having dinner with the usual suspects (my family). What is it about books that makes everything  so cozy and inviting?

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  1. It looks beautiful, but I have to say, I don't really get the idea of organizing books by jacket color. Maybe it's because we actually read our books, not just use them as decor. How would you ever find the book you wanted? This is why my bookshelves always look a jumble instead of pretty and neat! lol

  2. I thought about that too, before I organized my own bookshelf, but I have to say, I love it and can still find the books I want. But I guess you really have to know your own books well not to get lost when looking for a particular one!

  3. I'm absolutely with you on being in love with this room -- from the bookshelves to the dining table and chairs to the sweet vases on the table. It's definitely dinner party worthy. Books always make a room feel cozier, more personable...I think they impart a sense of adventure in their own way.