April 3, 2012

Home companion: Bookshelves

I have always have a soft spot for bookshelves, whether it's a built-in, they never disappoint, or a free-standing bookshelf.  When I was young, I used to think that a house with many books was a house that felt inviting and cozy.  My parents had a custom-made/sectional/open shelving/low standing bookcase, that took 3/4 wall space of the entire tv/study room when we were growing up.  They had to bring the furniture in three separate parts and put it together on the spot.  It was a fine piece of furniture with integrated desk spaces and media holes for the TV/VHS.

Bookcases have so many functions, from anchoring a space to bringing warmth and detail, yet they also make a space more intimate (you're displaying your worldly tastes) and even provide an aperture to show your design and organization skills.  I will be showcasing them every week, so stick around, because this promises to be eye candy for the home enthusiast's soul.  
{via Planete Deco}

What role do bookshelves play in your home life?


  1. Our bookshelves are crammed full of books. There's never any room for all the pretty decorative things other people do. And we have a lot of bookcases!

  2. That's the way they should be! I have tried to reorganize mine, but it always finds a way to return to its messy status (i'm hoping this new column will gradually inspire me to redecorate it)

  3. Love it, so important to have lots of books around!

  4. Oh, I have more posts to read here at your blog than I thought. I have to update my Bloglovin-link to your blog.

    So frustrating not to be able to contact the blogspot-support, I know! There's a couple of things not working on my blog too, and I have tryed to get respons through the help-forum. So stupid that you can't mail to support directly. I hope you will get your problems solved! I guess it would take a lot of work to move the blog to wordpress...

    I love books and I love homes with lots of books. I have my bookshelves in my long hallway, because my livingroom (or maybe I should call it my room. My son has his room and I have mine)is quite small. And I think the hallway looks much cozier with all the books, it would look just long and empty without them.

    Looks like a really nice room for reading in the pic :-)

    It's so late at night, so I will have to save the rest of your posts a little more. Sometimes it's hard to get the time you want to read and comment your blogfriends' posts . But I will be back soon!

    Love Maria