February 13, 2012

Motherly instinct

My daughter just turned nine months last week. I couldn't feel happier. I have watched her go through all the milestones so far and I'm humbled that this little person can love me so much. Is it crazy to say I feel this love? When she hugs me. When she plays with the strands of hair that fall across my face. When we are seated together on the sofa playing and she puts both her arms around my arm, telling me I just felt like doing this, and then continues playing. And did I say? She's finally sleeping through the night, with a few tosses and turns, and without picking her up. I feel so happy and satisfied that I never allowed her to cry it out. Most parents have the need to do this early on, and their children eventually learn to sleep through the night when they are still newborns. I never had the heart, and the intellectual chip to actually do this. And now that she finally learned how to, I'm so happy I can sing!  I just followed my instinct and it paid off.  


  1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for your welcoming words, much appreciated :-) I have missed my internet friends, but the break was good for me.

    It's a real milestone when your baby is sleeping through the night, or at least don't have to be carried around or fed during the night. I wasn't able to let my son cry it out either.

    I see that you are re-orginazing as well, nice Ikea furniture you have bought :-) I'm sure you will do it so much faster then I will, but it doesn't matter. Your organizing posts are inspiring! Have a great week! Love Maria

  2. Yay for sleeping through the night! I never let my children cry either. Too heartbreaking.

    She sounds like such a little love. So many good days to come!

  3. Thank you Maria and Lynnette! I couldn't be happier, now I hope it continues because she's very unpredictable. So glad we think alike! I just

  4. Ohh that is such a happy and heartwarming post!!! Yay to your little cutie for sleeping through the night and that top photo is simply adorable:) Have a fantastic day, dear. xo