March 14, 2011

Cloth diapers, a nod to Mother Earth

My cloth diapering kit has arrived! (Sorry about the poor quality pictures-aka my phone) Who would have thought I would be excited about changing diapers!  This organic kit is from Bummis, one of the best cloth diaper companies out there.  It brings 24 precut or prefold organic diapers, 6 infant size diaper wraps, 2 one-size diaper covers, 100 disposable diaper liners and 20 organic fleece diaper inserts, one large wet bag (laundry), an organic bum balm and a small sample of Rockin Green cloth diaper detergent for a grand total of $169.  An exceptional value.  This should last until my baby is about 3 months or 16 pounds, when I will need to re-stock on more diaper covers (one size).  The prefolds last until potty training!  This is one of the best investments I have ever made!

The images above show the infant diaper wrap (in polka dots), a fleece insert and a liner.
As you can see, in this stage of age (after three months) the fleece insert snaps into a longer size and is good until potty training.
The one size diaper cover shown above has snaps that expand with the growth of the child. Genius!

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