October 25, 2012

In the Kitchen: Favorite breakfasts

Some foods are plain delicious. We can't get enough of them, and besides, who says they can't be healthy as well? They get high marks on my chart because they are so easy to put together.  This is what we have been eating for breakfast lately, over and over.  Our top five in the home charts:
1.  Avocado and poached egg buttered toast with sauteed kale.
2.  Belgium waffles with raspberry jam and homemade whipped cream.
3.  English eggs (soft boiled) and buttered toasts (dunking is the best part!)
 4. Cream cheesed toast with strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and bananas. Optional:  maple syrup and powder sugar.
5. Low-fat vanilla yogurt with pumpkin granola and two servings of fruit


  1. I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award on my blog

  2. That is one scrumptious list! I love poached eggs with advocado and now I need to try your pumpkin granola idea. Sounds so good! Thanks:)

  3. haha i got your poached egg and avocado toast from you!