October 29, 2012

Halloween block party

This weekend was our neighborhood children's Halloween parade. We saw so many cute diverse costumes. Emilu went as an owl! The parade started out from the neighborhood playground and stopped at local bank, where the kids were treated with candy, then by Whole Foods, where they picked up fresh apples and other sweets, and the final stop, Logan Circle.  I've never seen so many kids dressed up and playing and running around. It was fun.


  1. oh that look like so much fun. We are hoping our halloween will be salvageable this year with Sandy upon us. Last year we had no power

  2. I just moved away from DC (logan circle in particular!) and this post makes me both happy and nostalgic. It looks like the kids had a blast!

  3. What a cute owl :-) She grows so fast, feels like the other week you showed pics of her just learing to walk. Nice to see mum in the pics too :-)

    Love Maria