December 20, 2011

Passion fruit

Have you eaten passion fruit before?  It's one of my favorite fruits and the juice is absolutely heaven.  I had many glasses these last weeks, the fruit is abundant in my grandfather's farm. 

Did you also know it's packed with antioxidants and it's also a natural remedy for high blood pressure? The leaves of the passion fruit infuse an aroma that taken as tea can help lower blood pressure and acts as a relaxant. 


  1. Love me some passionfruit juice!

  2. How cool to be able to pick passionfruits from the tree! But do you drink the juice as it is or mixed with something? I mean, the fruits are really small...

    I have eaten passionfruit but I haven't had it as jucie.

  3. The juice from the fruit is really thick so you add a little water and also a little sugar to sweeten because the fruit can be a tad acidic.

  4. Ok, maybe I will try that sometime :-)