September 21, 2012

Have a delightful weekend!

The first weekend in Autumn is officially upon us.  Tomorrow is the Autumnal equinox, and the sun's rays will align to close perfection with the Earth's axis.  A moment when the Earth's Southern and Northern hemispheres are receiving the sun's rays equally, and the Earth's tilt isn't inclined too far or too close to the Sun. It's a moment of balance that happens twice a year!   No wonder past cultures relished this, and even worshiped around the equinoxes.  A small wonder in our complicated relationship with the Sun.  Can you tell I'm a sap for these things?  It's the inner esoteric in me that finds this awe inspiring.  Anyway, I will be enjoying this special day whatever I'm doing.  I hope you guys do too. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration this weekend.  Here are few links I have enjoyed.  Hope you too. 

why typos are so hard to catch

just marked this novel as my next read

this book i'm getting for sure!

you can Eat Awesome for just $5

giggly about all this jewelry 

DIY Warhol soup cans (Fun!)

a reminder of why we are here 

and she's having a _______!

a renovated Georgetown rowhouse!

an earthy Goddess and her new family!

Barbie's homebirth (with Ken) WOW!


  1. Fall is perfect to relax and start to live a little easy.
    Love the look of your hall.

  2. I just love your colorful rugs and your light-filled house!