September 20, 2012

These boots!

Fall is in the air.  Last night we didn't turn on the AC for the first time since Summer began.  In fact, we slept with a window cracked open, just a slit, and it got so chilly, I had to close it in the middle of the night.  Today the apt. is a comfortably 75 degrees and the AC unit is still off.  You know what that means!  It's time for boots, you all!  Actually, booties, to be more precise.  Diana is right!  Fall is too playful to be so covered up, so the perfect pair of shoes for me are booties (or ankle boots).  I'm loving this:

Ankle boots for the Fall


  1. Just bought a pair of boot for my daughter, but she went with the full, knee-high riding boot. I'll be ready to break out my Uggs when it get a little colder.

  2. I'm looking for boots/booties right now, but it's hard to make up one's mind :-) I would like to buy a lot of them!

    Love Maria