April 10, 2012

NoseFrida, the snotsucker

Let me tell you about a product that is literally saving our lives here in sick land.  It’s smart. It’s Swedish. It’s maybe a little strange. But, it's doctor invented & recommended, 100% hygienic with fabulous reviews (Rachel Ray, Parenting, & more). It’s a nasal aspirator that ACTUALLY WORKS! It’s NoseFrida.  The Snotsucker.

It may seem like this post is sponsored, but it's not.  I don't have any sponsors, this is completely me, a new mom, saying to you, that if you ever consider buying something else, then your life and that of your sick baby will be much more complicated and miserable.  I've bought many aspirators for Emilu the first time she got sick, when she caught a virus from her cousin at 7 months old last Christmas.  It was pretty bad, and those old aspirators did the job very poorly, plus many had really hard tips.  Then my sister told me about this amazing snotsucker, and we ordered it online, hoping never to use in the near future.  Well, this time around, NoseFrida is making our lives better and simpler.  I highly recommend it. Go on, read the reviews, do your research, but I'm telling you, it's a wonder product.


  1. If you say so . . . but it looks kind of weird, doesn't it?

  2. If I had that when my kids were babies I would have tried it for sure. The small blue nasal aspirators never worked with my two little ones either. We had to take the bigger green colored hospital grade ones home with us. But even then my kids hated it. So glad the NoseFrida is working for you. Even if it looks strange I say go for it. :)