May 3, 2012

A birthday is soon approaching

 I still cannot believe our daughter is turning one next week. She was born on May 8th of last year. Her arrival was nothing short of exciting and miraculous. After three days of labor, a birth becomes extraordinary. In this short amount of time she has become a headstrong little lady with a luminous personality and a physical presence. At the playground, she's the one wanting to be close to other kids to touch them, chat them up (more like babble) and just to "experience" them. This, I find fascinating, because being a Taurus is about experiencing things with your whole body. It's the most sensuous sign of the zodiac, the one with the need to use its five senses simultaneously or you run the risk of getting scratched off easily.

My little lady here has been slowly graduating from being a high needs baby to becoming an independent, observant and intense toddler. Where does she get this temperament?  I can't wait to find out more.  In the meantime, I'm starting a letter for her about our lives together this past year, and all the hidden lessons I've come to learn by being a mother to her.  I hope she's proud of it, and one day can read it to her own children.

PS: If it was up to her, she'd be content being on top of me the whole day. I included this picture of her in the baby wrap to show you how attached she still is to her mami, even though she's excited about learning to walk, choosing more often than before to do this on her own (proud momma grin!)


  1. Happy early birthday to her! She is very cute, especially wrapped around you.

  2. Soo sweet to see her walking/standing! But it looks heavy to carry her in the baby wrap, watch your back.

    What a lovely idea to write her a letter about your first year together. Since I have lost my mother I know how much you want to know about your mothers thoughts about her own life and your life together. This letter will grow in importance the older she becomes, I think.

    Love Maria

  3. Thanks Kristin, so sweet of you!

    That's exactly my thought Maria, I hope as the years go by the letter becomes important in her own life and that of her children later.