March 30, 2012

Have a splashy weekend

Hi friends, the weekend is here!  I'm crazy happy it's finally Friday.  Do you have special plans, now that the weather is turning warm?  It will be in the 60s throughout the weekend in DC, and those are really good news. Gone are the days when my husband and I could easily do date nights or just meet up with friends.  Nowadays we stay in, put the baby to bed, and have a dinner and movie in the coziness of our living room.  Tonight we will be watching Ides of March with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling.  I love political thrillers, as a former political blogger, it's deep in my system. We have been on a Gosling movie streak lately, and this movie comes highly recommended.   Other good news I want to share with you is my most recent splurge and purchase, the Nikon SLR d3100. I got a good deal from Amazon and I will be trying it out this weekend. So excited!  I hope you all have a wonderful, splashy, sunny, relaxing weekend, and if you feel like we browsing, check out these links.

Cute felt DIY flowers

Got cinnamon?  10 Cool facts you should know

Would you join in saving Milano?

This yummy tomato soup

Sweets that make my mouth melt

Maia's secret is so inspiring!

Hipster branding is cool

I always wanted to go to Greece!

Living in Green Card, as if she could afford an apt. like this!

This mesh skirt is so pretty!

This incredible double vanity is so affordable!

Yummy sugar buns!

Easter in a box, the adult version and the kid version
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  1. Aloha! I saw your comment on Jaimie's Dream blog about Link Within. I never got it to work on my site either and they never responded to my inquiries. I switched to NRelate and it works wonderfully, there are more display options to choose from (I'm on wordpress). There are two NRelate plugins, it is not the flyout one, it's the other one (the flyout when is a popup like thing, the other is more like Link Within).

    Beautiful blog!

  2. Love that elephant..
    Did you like the movie.. have yet to see it.