September 20, 2011

Sleep no more

Remember that post I wrote about Emilu having a good night sleep the night she had rice cereal for the first time?  First-timer's charm I'd call it.  She's back to being a high needs baby, waking up an average of 2 times during the night.  This time, we will blame the teething. She's sometimes uncomfortable during the day.  As long as she's sleeping 12-14 hours a day I'm a happy mom, and she makes it up during the day.
Here she is wearing Mommy's favorite PJs:  the cow outfit.

"Oh my.. my rump has grown!"
I guess I could go crazy or lose my head over this, but I won't.  I don't read the literature out there or make it a point to "train" her to sleep or stay asleep.  I have decided to ride this as any other event we will face together.  Some people will gasp at this, but let them pass their judgements.  When she is ready, she will do it on her own accord.  

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