August 24, 2011

Happy Baby =Happy Mom

Emilu wakes up with a flowery face every morning.  She's all made up with smiles, as if she knows that this tickles my heart.  It just melts me in all the right places when she does that.  She's also started to giggle.  I love that sound.  The first time it came out of nowhere.  Now she's doing it more often.  But the amazing cool thing is how much she loves to stare at her image in the mirror.  She gyrates with pleasure and cracks me up every time.

Unfortunately by the time the flash kicked in, she had stopped laughing.  Like a game of " Statue". She could be cracking up in her crib and as soon as I bust out the camera, she stops.  Can you see a pattern here?  She's learning so fast. 

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