April 1, 2011

Natural Birth?

As I rule of thumb, I'm skeptical of new things.   I'm always second-guessing people's choices or opinions so naturally it was to be expected that I'd do the same when it came to attempting childbirth without pain medication through a small degree of hypnosis and relaxation. Call it the New Age childbirth mindset.

Nowadays it's so common for women to get epidurals or other pain medications during labor.  In fact around 80% of vaginal births in hospitals fall under this category.  With this pregnancy, I had the choice of an obstetrician in a hospital setting or a midwife in a birthing center.  For reasons that can only be understood from the first child perspective, I chose an obstetrician, being my first experience with birth I wanted to make sure that my baby and I received the full measure of medical intervention. The good one.

I have read extensively about epidurals and pain medication, their pros and cons, and I have decided to AT LEAST attempt a natural delivery, meaning NO DRUGS.  Sounds easier said than done right?  For this, I have two books, Active Birth:  The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally and Creative Childbirth:  The Leclaire Method, which I am currently reading, which boost a woman's confidence and level of connection with their unborn child through meditation, relaxation and visualization techniques.  I'm so glad I'm doing this.  Giving my daughter and I at least a chance at following our bodies' signals without fear instead of being numbed or removed from this amazing experience. We have 4 weeks to learn how to cultivate a calm and collected presence during labor. I have already started to persuade her to remain calm and happy during this intense process.  I hope I can do the same. 

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