February 18, 2011

The stuff that dreams (and men) are made of

I have been having many vivid dreams lately.  They say is the surge of hormones in the body, coupled with intensified REM patterns in the mother’s brain. But it was more surprising to read that the baby, starting now (7 months), is also developing her own REM patterns in the womb.  What would a baby dream about?  Aren’t dreams made of the shuffling of images in your sub conscience, or past experiences and feelings you may harbor and don’t know until they show up in a dream? Do they dream about the noises they hear during the day, the taste of their thumbs or the way light colors certain corners of the womb? 

 Dreaming is an intimate experience.  And I can’t help but feel a little deprived of her first intimate experience.  At what point do you just let go?  When do you realize in full measure that you cannot be part of everything they are?  This will be a study in the making that will require great lengths of trust and self-control.  Letting your children become whoever it is they will become.
Regardless of what she is dreaming, if she is, I hope for now her dreams are sweet.  The other day around 5 a.m. I felt little spasms in my abdomen, like a seizure inside my belly.  I hope she wasn’t having a bad dream, but a case of the old hiccups. 

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