January 31, 2011

Should childbirth be Painful

This one topic has been in mind everyday since I got pregnant. Because this is my first child I really don't know what to expect come delivery time. Yes, you have a vague idea, you take childbirth classes, you prepare mentally and physically for any mishaps, but can you really be prepared for the pain?

According to this MOMLOGIC article some hail from the school of thought that women should not be given drugs. They should experience the pain, because it makes you a better mother. Really?

I have read some articles that have eased my concerns about experiencing pain. Why are we so scared of it? Because It is painful to birth a child. My mom and grandmother can both attest to that and they are not like these nouveau 21st Century moms who are opting for elected C-sections or the epidural shot the moment they walk into the hospital. Both of them are tough women, who didn't have the option of drugs during childbirth. They do not exaggerate when they tell me it is going to hurt. A lot.

I just don't know if I can personally go through all the pain. I have stopped reading about it because I think the more you read that labor is painful, you will be less willing to go through it. I will take it as it comes. If it's too much for me, pass me the drugs and let's have fun. But if in the grit of pain, I realize it's not unmanageable and the time is ticking faster than I expected, then I might be able to go through it. But please give us the option and educate us about it.  Don't just treat us like cattle. 

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