July 2, 2012

Morning routine: Coffee + blogging

What's your morning routine like?  Do you have a sequence or an specific time to welcome the day?  I open my eyes around 7 a.m. most days, our daughter is our alarm, if you have children, you know what  is like. Basically, they command the mornings.  After her milk in bed, we both get out of bed and I prepare a simple breakfast for both,  usually cereal with milk, toast with jam, or occasionally eggs.  While she's sitting on her chair, watching her Cbeebies and eating breakfast, and Piki is still in bed, I make coffee for myself.  The simple pleasure of making espresso with cartoons in the background and then sipping it in front of the computer is a slice of mommy heaven! 

I'd love to hear about your morning routine, would you share?


  1. I'd like to trade. Mine starts around 6..sometimes early.. that's wen D climbs into our bed. Sometimes he sleeps with us but usually he ends up pinching our underarms.. stroking our arm or poking at our faces. By seven I finally get out of bed saving bye to dad and then 10 minutes at the potty where he doesn't potty.. making breakfast and coffee.. but instead of D sitting at the table with me like he used to. He now runs around playing and I have to either call him to take a bite or go after him and give him a bite.. depending on his mood.. i take quick sips and bites between..

  2. I wake up around 7, pray, check emails, blog, try to sit down and write, and just hope I shower before noon. haha!

  3. Coffee and blogs are great in the morning, if I have time. I find it very hard to rush through the mornings these days, I want to have plenty of time. But sometimes I oversleep (actually at least one day a week) and have to leave for work without breakfast.

    When my son was...well, I think like 7 to 10 year old, he used to have breakfast in the sofa, in front of the childrens morning programs on tv. I enjoyed it too! We chatted a little bit, when he slowly woke up more and more. So I can understand that you like the cartoons going on while you make your coffee :-)

    I don't have a nice espresso machine like you have though...

    Love Maria