July 9, 2012

Food labeling

Let's talk food labeling.  Do you label your jars and containers?  I always did this,  even when it wasn't a trend.  There's something old village-like about food labeling, which makes me want to run a small market of homemade goods.  My current jars need a label makeover.  Now that I've repainted the kitchen in a beachy bright blue, I'm leaning toward chalkboard labels.  But I'm still wide open to other designs.
Browsing through Pinterest, I found inspiration for the new labeling system.  I could go with simple manila cardboard tags tied around with cord (1st image). Or I could also use a printable like this clear decal sticker (2nd image)  It's neat and more modern. But, I also love the rusticness of the Snapple jars labeled with simple off white painter's tape (3rd image).  And lastly, a twist on the chalkboard label: Painted chalkboard.  Find image sources at the bottom of each picture.

Source: storagegeek.tumblr.com
Source: thepaintedhive.blogspot.com

How about you? Are you itching for a mini-makeover in the house? I will be posting my kitchen makeover soon.


  1. I label mine too. I love the first and second the most.. but the first with the string and not being able to clearly see what it is at first glance makes it impractical for me.. I would go with the second.. I love the transparency.

  2. Oh I love all of your jars. I label mine also but yours look better!! I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!