October 5, 2012

Have a spectacular Fall weekend

 Has the weather turned in your neck of the woods?  I'm in Florida still, but I can't wait to go back home and start enjoying the crisp, coldish Fall air.  We are quite enjoying our time here.   Doing lots of shopping and crafting.   Making newborn baby gifts and updating a few things around the house.  My mother made it a point to have me home so that we could both enjoy the process of changing up the seasonal the decor.  Although it never gets cold or crispy down here for the Fall, nevertheless, the shops are bursting with beautiful Fall colors, and inspiration isn't tied down to weather changes.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  And here are my favorite links for this weekend, some DIY fun as well as amazing little truths.  Enjoy!

DIY:  I'm doing these funky ombre pumpkins! 

Dying to try these nutella chocolate cupcakes!

mothers and daughters

that's some cartoonish transformation!

Spooky:  Hallowenish children art work

NYC's hidden (roof) terraces!

Amazing:  What lies beneath a children's gumline

the cutest stamp shop ever!

Wow, these insects covered in morning dew!

Fall treats (so creative and fun)

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  1. It is definitely fall around here. Weather has turned quite cool -- supposed to be around freezing tonight! Brrr!