April 30, 2012

Off topic: Visions

 Have your visions ever become real, years later?

When I was very young there was a Puerto Rican boy band, which was quite popular among school girls. I had this vision [or an eager imagination] while my brother and sister and I were playing in the yard in front of our house.  Sometimes we would climb up the trees without any shoes, and make out shapes from clouds or throw stones at the ground.  One day while I was up on a tree, and an unspoiled view of all the rooftops and neighbors' backyards sprawled before me, I had a vision of the boy band on one of the roofs.  The boys were wearing black and were joking at something.  I yelled for my brother and sister to come up and look and when they did, they couldn't see anything.  Strange. And while the world below seemed more real, as I could see the leaves piling up in a corner, or our shoes carelessly scattered about on the ground, I knew that this vision was undeniably real and genuine. I was always having visions and yet, my visions were never taken seriously.

Where am I going with this?  Well, just the other day I was walking Piki and when I looked up at the rowhouses  in our neighborhood, I noticed tree guys on the roof of one of them, wearing black and joking and laughing among themselves. I couldn't believe it.  Emotions came rushing in and I felt a serene wave engulfing me.  My mind's eye had never forgotten that vision. All I wanted to do, and could do, was simply to watch, because this time, it was real.

{Images from Atomic Atrocity, Andrew}