April 27, 2012

Have a lovely weekend

So the weekend is already upon us. These April days are flying by, between our playground excursions and the daily tribulations of life. We're excited because our family is going down to Florida to spend time with our families and friends.  We are planning a small family birthday celebration for Emilu, who turns one on May 8th.  I can't wait to soak up the sun, the beach and the good Latin food that awaits us in Miami.  This is a well deserved vacation for ALL of us, including my old good pal Piki.  So this weekend we are just going to relax, watch movies and do some grilling.  Tonight, a good friend of mine and I are going to the movies to watch The Five Year Engagement, apparently is a good laugh. How about you, lovely friends, any exciting plans?  How about these links to inspire your weekend. See you back Monday!

 wall bars that are perfect for tiny spaces

this sacramento house is exactly my style

 it seems like time stood still in Myrtle Beach

want to read about my most memorable romantic moment?

have you heard of the great pacific garbage patch?  sadly is not that great

this movie looks so witty; can't wait to Netflix it

love this practical modern jewelry organizer

this shrimp asparagus risotto

i heart London (it's one place I wish to visit and know before I die)

an igloo made of books!

i can't wait to visit this newly formed beach during our upcoming vacation(see below)

{Photos via Select Caribbean}


  1. Oh, a vacation to Florida sounds great!! Thanks for the great links, as usual! xoxo

  2. I love Florida and I really want to see The Five Year Engagement:) Btw: I love your links and that house in sacramento...wow...amazing. Happy Monday morning, love. xo

  3. How nice to have the vacation in Miami to look forward to! Hope you will have a really lovely time, and that Emilu's first birthday will be a happy one :-)

    The Sacramento house is lovely, very calm. Looks like a good place to relax in. I like the arrangement of pictures and a round mirror above the couch. I might try that. But I would like to get another sofa first, I don't like my red one. I don't like red in my home right now at all, except in small details.

    I can show you the Urban outfittes rug in it's place in a couple of weeks...if it's not too messy in my living-/bedroom to take a photo. :-) I have so much organizing and cleaning to catch up with, but my energy level is not high enough to get it done after work and other necessities...

    I have an extended weekend since Monday and Tuesday are holidays here in Sweden. Just what I needed!

  4. Thank you for referencing my wall bars! So nice to come across your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!