April 20, 2012

Have a sunny weekend

{Photo by Emily W.}

Hi everyone, the weekend has arrived!  Do you have any plans?  I will be catching up on some sleep, and re-organizing the house, and maybe will have our first outside grilling (meatless, of course).  The days are turning warmer and with them, outdoor activities have us doing garden and yard work, but everyone seems giddy about it, at least around here.  I have to sit down and do some serious vacation planning, as well as come up with ideas for a petite celebration for Emilu's first birthday. Also, do you know of anyone who's interested in adopting a handsome male chihuahua puppy?  He's not here with me, he's actually with my mother in the DR, but the poor chap hasn't found a home yet.  I though maybe someone might give him a little chance? As always, these links have brighten my week. Peruse away.

A little note on blogging and images

Celebrities with cameras

Clive and Nicole = hotness

Decorating with ribbon

Some words to live by

I'm drooling over these pillows

Boxing cookies never looked so beautiful!

Oh so yummy sandwich I will making this weekend

Seriously, I'm want to live in this beautiful California cabin

20 stylish ways to wear stripes and polka dots 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Patricia,

    sounds like a hectic weekend, hope you can catch up on some sleep anyway. I have done just that today, it's been a really tired week.

    I like the link to the article about images and pinterest, so many people need to be reminded.

    To decorate with ribbon is really pretty, maybe for Emilu's birthday party? So fun to celebrate her first :-)

    I wouldn't mind living in the California cabin you linked to either!

    Have a great weekend! Lover Maria