April 27, 2012

From baby food to toddler meals

We have transitioned.  Left behind the baby food and embraced real meals for my growing, soon-to-be one year old. This stage of eating is involved and requires creativity. Watching for nutrient rich foods and at the same time, tasty enough that she'll want to eat them. Gone are the days of breast-milk, formula, and liquid foods.  She now wants to hold the spoon, eat with her hands, and chew down her food.

Recently she stopped desiring the cereal-formula mix I gave her for breakfast everyday. She slapped that dish down and splashed everything around her. She did the same with her fruity, spoon-fed, liquidy afternoon snack (smashed fruits watered down). No more, mom. I want food that I can chew, and touch! So I listened.

We have finally reached the stage where we all sit down for dinner/lunch and eat the same meals.  Hallelujah!

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