February 2, 2012

Have a happy weekend!

{Photo by Lina}

Hello friends!  I hope you've all had a nice week.  January gone, Valentine's just around the corner, and I'm scratching my head about my plans for the big day.  It will be our first with Emilu and we live remotely away from family, so we might just have to bring her along wherever we decide to go to celebrate.  I'm returning home this Sat. and I simply can't wait to walk into my home and hug my husband.  What are your plans?  I'd would love to sneak dinner and movie with my husband since my mother is traveling with me to help me settle down.  I just saw the American version of The girl with the dragon tattoo, and I loved it.  David Fincher did a great job adapting it from the original version.  I miss going to the movies with my husband so much.  Enjoy your weekend plans and here are a few links from the pretty web I can't stop looking at.

What a duo!

Making hearts with crayons and fire (parental supervision advised)

Starlets and their pets, melts my heart!

Oh yeah, I love this fashion perspective!

Martha Stewart for Stapes (Yes!)

Super sweet and stylish toy storage (for those of you with kids)

This beautiful online store based in Australia

Aren't these Valentines the cutest ever?!

I want to make this necklace!

Eye-Opener:  What does "Made in China" really mean?

I'm in love with this nursery!

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