November 26, 2011

The Holiday Inspiration Roundup

The holiday season is {officially} here! And there's a ton of cheery ideas out there for decorating, gift wrapping, party hosting and delicious cooking to get you in the mood, if you haven't yet felt the itch.  There is plenty of inspiration to go around.

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Speaking of inspiration, I'd love to hear or see what ideas are tickling your holiday cheer this year. How about  rounding up things you will try or just feel completely smitten with this holiday season? Let those mood boards speak for themselves!

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  1. Oddly, I haven't thought much about holidays in the past -- probably because I was always in finals mode for school. And my birthday is right before Christmas so I like to be in birthday mode before I switch to Christmas. That said, I'm really looking forward to this one. I won't be decorating my apartment much but I will be baking up a storm. And now that I see all those cute cookies, I might need to make some of my own there.