July 1, 2011

Happy Weekend

Yesterday I took Emilu in for her 2-month immunizations.  She had 5 vaccines including polio, pertussis and tetanus.  She behaved like a champ, only cried when they prickled her in both thighs.  Poor thing slept the whole day and night.  It was the first time she has slept for so long.  I gave her some infant's acetaminophen for pain relief.  She was also diagnosed with thrush, a minor yeast infection in her tongue.  She could have caught it from anywhere, the Pediatrician said.  She's in obvious discomfort when she eats from the bottle.  We are already medicating her for that, hopefully we will see some improvement soon.

Today was my 6-week post-partum checkup and I had the green light for, ahem, sex and, finally, exercise, meaning Pilates!  I'm so happy because I want to regain my pre-pregnancy figure.

Today we strolled with Piki and Emilu to our neighborhood coffee shop.  And Piki decided he wanted to play with Emilu's little pull-out toys.  I still can't believe how lucky we have been with Piki.  He seems to love Emilu.  When he's on the  bed and she is in her crib and starts to stir, he looks at her so tenderly and the love in his eyes melts me.  It also seems to disturb him when she cries, he comes over to see what's going on with her and looks at me to please do something about it.

Emilu and I are going away this weekend.  Here we come Miami!  I will be traveling with both child and dog.  Let's see how that adventure turns out.  Happy 4th of July weekend!  Be safe.

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