June 23, 2011

A piece of Summer

Emilu and I went to Target today to stock on cleaning supplies and wandering the aisles we ended up at the outdoor entertainment section.  The bursting colors of Summer were just too awesome to ignore.  It reminded me of that movie Spanglish and their beach front/vacation home.  Although their awesome California style residence was very nice too. You can visit the homes at Hooked on Houses, a fun website that provides house junkies a fix of the most beautiful homes on the screen as well as tours of celebrities' homes. 
The Malibu Beach House, Spanglish, 2004
I took pictures of some of the shelves filled with outdoor accessories.  I had to be fast because Emilu started crying because she doesn't like her stroller that much.  She needs to be entertained all the time, like her mother.

I dream of a nice backyard in the future where the family can spend quality time.  Meanwhile I love the pretty designs out there.

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