March 8, 2011

Baby items left to buy

With less than two months to go, the baby list is finally shrinking.  We have gotten most of the big items and the nursery nook is almost completed.  I still have a few things to acquire in these last seven weeks left.  I did ordered the changing table tray, this would go on top of the crib because is easy to remove once it has been used.

This is the idea.  Our changing table is the Argington BAM  in white.  Once it arrives I will post the actual picture.  Of course, the idea behind this is to maximize space and comfort.

Other items soon to arrive are the following:

Glass feeding bottles by Evenflo.  Tried and tested. A timeless item.

  I love this crocheted holder.  I will definitely ask my grandmother for some.

 The required car seat.  They don't let you go home with baby without it.

We are using glass bottles because they are easier to clean (we can actually boil them - no soap required) and better for the environment.  It's what I used when I was a baby.  Come to think about it, we are giving Emma Lucia the closest thing we got ourselves.  

I decided to rent the breast pumping equipment from the hospital.  Those are the best and it's also the most affordable thing for us.  The pumping piece that attaches to your breast that's actually something you buy, the rest of the equipment is used, but in top condition and is guaranteed. Because not all pumps are created equal and hospital-grade is of course, the best.

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