March 4, 2011

Baby is growing

I'm in week 32 of pregnancy and the baby is packing up ounces by the day.  She's probably around 16 inches long and weights a little over 3 pounds.  And she's been moving a lot lately.  Her favorite position is having her bum sticking out in the side of my belly and her head diagonally facing down, cushioned in either side of my pelvis. This, of course, makes my sciatica act up.  This nerve jolts me to pain unexpectedly.  I could be standing, waiting for the train to arrive and suddenly it lashes down my leg and makes me grunt for a few seconds. Which means her tiny feet are somewhere up in my ribcage or the top of my belly. I feel them at night when she kicks them up.

Which then takes me to my next topic:  Sleeping.  I'm was resting fine until a few days ago,  I suddenly don't find my nights to be restful anymore.  For the past 3 days, I have been waking up around 4 a.m. with fiery heartburn.  Heartburn is completely normal in this stage of gestation because as the uterus moves up it pushes your stomach up too.  This, and the hormones are relaxing the valves of the esophagus allowing more acid to recede into it.

I have been waking up and going to the kitchen to drink water and munch on something lite.  Usually a banana or some cereal with milk.  Calcium and Omega-3 acids are particularly important in this stage of pregnancy.  They allow the baby to build strong muscles and bones as well as feed his brain development.  

From now on this should be my normal as this baby develops and grows more and more.


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