January 7, 2011


Hello strangers.  It’s been over a month since I have written here.  Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been busy scrambling ideas to build a nursery nook for Emma Lucia.  She will have to share our bedroom for the fist year of life.  We are so excited to have her so close all time.  But at our impromptu baby shower, which my sisters’ in law gave me in Miami a couple of weeks ago, all the parental advice for this new mother-to-be was centered around not spoiling the child by letting her sleep in our bed or room.  Let’s see how we can manage that.

Since Emilu will be sharing our room, I want to keep things simple and clean without too much baby stuff or overly done with nursery décor. In my initial searches online I have found a great link with a nursery nook designed by a mom who happens to be an artist as well.

This is the link.  

She has used almost the same furniture that I plan on using for our nursery.  Ikea has saved the day and our budgets with the arrival of Emma Lucia!

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