December 17, 2010

Causal Fridays

This post is called a Day in the Life.  I got this idea from another blogger and thought it would be nice if I can speak about my day in images.  You should try it, it's fun. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  I have fruit cravings now that I'm pregnant.  I stuff myself with mangoes, pineapple when I can find it, and plenty of apples.  I usually have two during the day.
I don't leave my house without a little dab of foundation and primer.  I love Laura Mercier products.  They are gentle and cruelty-free and they do wonders without adding lines and toxic chemicals to your skin.

 Of course, I ride the metro everyday, so this is part of my everyday life.

I love sleeping in.  Now that I'm pregnant, I feel more tired than usual and I usually stay in bed longer in the morning.

Cooking is part of my life.  I cook almost every weekday for my husband and I.  And this is my most prized possession.  A copper skillet.  

With the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing in this early Winter. I don't leave the house without my legwarmer.

And a scarf to keep me warm. 

I read a little bit everyday.  If I don't, I feel handicapped and restless. I always carry my current selection with me.  Books are priceless to me. 

I carry my daughter everyday.  She is my other priceless possession.   

A small shot of espresso keeps me jolted and focused.  Plus I love the taste.

I get my decor fix by visiting ApartmentTherapy and other websites.

Nesting is also part of my daily life.  I have tons of ideas and a tight budget to create the perfect nursery/bedroom for us.

My favorite TV show of all time:  Law and Order: SVU.  It's only on three days a week, so I never miss it.

This clean and lemony scent from Versace feels my days with freshness.

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