January 10, 2011

Bedtime stories

One of the most exciting moments I can't wait to experience with my daughter is storybook time. While I was in Miami for the holidays, I bought two Spanish books with classic children stories that I know are hard to find where I live. One has all the classic stories, an international recipe, of all time. The other is a more gender specific one, which includes little rhymes and classic songs from the Spanish speaking world.

Of course, my mom also bought her a story book.  This one in English with all the Disney classics.  It's a big little book with condensed stories and graphics. 

I once read somewhere, pun intended, that if you initiate your children early into the wonderful world of reading and they see their parents reading, chances are you will have a little reader of your own.  As simple as that.  And it's true, that's what happened to me!

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