January 27, 2011

Lovely Snowday morning in DC

There's nothing like the morning after a winter snowstorm. Right before everything turns slushy and muddy brown, the snow on the ground glistens with new light, a testament of beauty to its predestined ugliness. I love my hometown after a snowfall.  It's a quiet picturesque reminder of the passing seasons.  Hardly any cars on the road, and even then, the snow acts as an acoustic sponge drowning the inevitable urban sounds.  Businesses open their doors as usual, but there is a communal and unspoken code of "Let's take it easy today" and it shows.  

People are out sipping hot chocolate and walking their dogs.  Others shovel snow with a sense of gratifying duty. This is what small community feeling is like in a city.  After the sun is out the day after a snowstorm, if only for a couple of hours, people forget their lonely and compact lifestyles and shovel their frustrations away.  It has all the elements of a fresh start.  And soon enough the sidewalks are walkable again.

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