October 18, 2010

The Doctor will see you now

September 23rd was our first prenatal appointment.  We were nervous.  All we wanted to see was a heartbeat.  We met our young doctor, and asked her many questions.  A due date was established as well as a food and exercise regime.  No soft cheeses, preferably no meat, unless it’s thoroughly cooked, no raw fish, sodas, no alcohol and only one cup of coffee a day.  I was to avoid salted foods and brace my sugar intake.  Ok I said, I can do those things.  With morning sickness raging on, I believe I have actually become malnourished.  Thankfully this will stop soon, as I’m well into the end of the 1st trimester.

Then we went to the ultrasound room and I got into a paper robe.  There she inserted a huge ultrasound stick inside me and almost immediately we got our answer.  There he was floating and looking pensive.  She said he was moving a lot but my husband and I couldn’t detect any movements.  And then we heard the heartbeat.  “That whooshing sound?”  A very healthy one at that, she said.

With a picture in our hands we finally could start believing this was real.  There’s something inside me, fighting for its life.  This week the yolk sac is gone and he is producing his own blood cells.  His liver, intestines and kidneys are working.  His heart is beating fast and his diaphragm is formed.  What a miracle this is.  He survived his first three months!

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