August 20, 2010


My family is as big as they come by modern times standards. From my mother’s side we are 9 grandchildren and 5 great grand children. From my father’s side, we are 13 grandchildren and 14 great grand children. It could be overwhelming and sometimes not so harmonious. But we miraculously coexist, and family gatherings have their own unique spark, an autonomous light source filling the vast, dark branches of our family tree with its transient beam. As a big family we have experience the entire range of human emotions, including loss, joy, offense, misunderstandings, guilt, negligence, bliss, adultery, reconciliation, divorce, mourning, abuse, faith, new beginnings, disease, forgetfulness and forgiveness.

As a married young woman whose life is carried out far away from this familial disarray, it sometimes can be trying to confront life’s twists and conundrums without the loving guidance and sometimes, annoying meddling of relatives living close by. My husband and I live 1,000 miles away from our respective families, and the journey to start our own family has exposed this in exponential terms.

But we will go forward with no choice but become one of those 21st Century families who live in the city with a toddler, without relatives nearby, except a canine companion and our urbane sensitivity. I didn’t ask for this, but I believe we will be ok, because in the end ife miraculously serves up those in need.

And if by any chance later on, you, our baby, read this, know that your parents have many doubts and great concerns about bringing you into this world. Yes, we are hesitant  because we are practically alone in this, but we are specially endowed to provide you with a wholesome existence because your parents, like many people in this world, are good, decent, sensitive  people with a palpable conscience of both, the pain and joy this world imparts.

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